Reel In the Audience

Facilitate viewer immersion with flawless subtitle and caption editing.

Captioning should not look like

"throwing magnetic letters on a fridge."*


Get Noticed for the Right Reasons

You've invested a lot of time, money and heart into making your film, show or video. You have big plans for distribution—whether it's worldwide or just to corporate headquarters. You can't afford to become one of those online memes because of errors.

Reel Words is the only subtitle editing company providing quality control for flawless English text because it's the only one with extensive editorial and titling experience behind it. Translators and transcribers are terrific at their craft but, like authors of books, they're not trained to review text for correctness, consistency and clarity.

Don't settle for error-ridden automated titles. Impress distributors or stakeholders with professional-looking, accurate subtitles, captions or titles, and enjoy rave reviews from audiences by fulfilling the growing demand for No More Craptions!


*Unattributed comment from CRTC 2008 Stakeholder Consultations on Accessibility Issues for Persons with Disabilities


My mission is to advocate for copy editing excellence until captioning and subtitling get their own category in the Academy Awards.

I advocate for the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing communities because I believe in full and equal access to cultural content for all users. English speakers deserve fully immersive access to correct content in subtitled video filmed in another language.

Free Assessments

Send me your subtitle or caption file. I'll have a look and provide a sample at no charge and advise you how I can make it flawless.

The Netflix Subtitle Test Is Inadequate

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