Three quarters full colour professional portrait of middle-aged woman with short hair, black outfit, brown scarf with beige feathers, looking towards the camera and smiling, against a neutral dark grey background.
Framed sepia full length portrait photograph, annotated with "Wells Bros. March 1909" showing two twentyish men in great coats, holding their hats, with serious demeanours
Older man turning towards the camera, standing next to projection equipment in a dimly lit booth.
David Wells, projectionist and father of Vanessa

I have hyperacusis, Ménière's disease and tinnitus; the first disables me from hearing in loud or crowded spaces, so I appreciate captions.

I studied several languages and went to university for translation. Later, I taught many foreign students and often used captions in film-based lessons. But it was while writing closed captions for TV that I realized my editing experience could perfect the text of subtitles, captions and titles. Now, I edit the text in titles so film producers can reel the audience in for complete story immersion.

I come from a family with four generations of projectionists, which started in 1909 with my grandfather Carol's company, Wells Bros. Amusement Co. He was responsible for many of the early improvements to equipment and developments in projection booth safety. I'm currently in talks with academic historians of cinema studies to share family documents and ephemera.

I was a projection booth brat and watched through the view port while my dad ran the movies. Later I would work at some of those cinemas myself. I would also visit my projectionist uncle and cousin at their theatres, often scoring free passes for me and a friend. Maybe that's why the aroma of popcorn so readily evokes nostalgia about family and my first work experience.

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I am a current and active member in my professional associations. These include Editors' Association of Canada, Indexing Society of Canada, Society for Editors and Proofreaders (Professional Member), SUBTLE, the Subtitlers' Association (International), and Captioning Activism and Community. I regularly pursue professional development through association courses, and I often edit and write for their online publications and conferences.
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