Speaking and Teaching

I'll next be speaking at

American Translators Association Conference, Palm Springs, California, October 23–26, 2019.

The title of my session at ATA60 says it all: Subtitle Editing: Walking the Fine Line between Red-Pen Pedantry and Facilitating Audience Immersion

Intermedia 2019, Warsaw, Poland, September 18–20, 2019

I'll be discussing subtitle editing at this audiovisual translators' conference supported by the Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators and the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation.

Society for Editors and Proofreaders 2019 Conference, Birmingham, UK, September 14–16, 2019

My talks will be about the role of accessibility in editors' work, websites, and marketing.

Reel Access Discovery Forum at the Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto, May 27, 2019

I'll be participating in discussions with festival representatives, disability consultants, artists, and activists, whose aim is to find solutions for improving accessibility at festival events.

#allyTO 2018 Conference, October 15–16, 2018, Telus Digital, 25 York St., Toronto

I'll be speaking about why caption editing is so important for accessibility for Deaf/HoH folks and all users of captions—as well as sharing some tips. Looking forward to the other speakers, too!
More info about the speaker lineup here: http://conf.a11yto.com/speakers

ReelAbilities Film Festival June 4, 2018, Al Green Theatre, Miles Nadal JCC
INDUSTRY WORKSHOP, ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto Closing Night
Presented by Festival Sponsor Accessible Media Inc., RAFFTO presents the second annual industry-focused workshop on production of accessible tech, through Audio Description and captioning practices.


Click on the links below for interviews to date: 

On Andreea Dermigian's podcast on accessibility about the Reel Words Award for Excellence in Captioning I've launched, available for independent, emerging, and student filmmakers to submit to by January 31, 2019. This Easy A11y episode covers some of the award's highlights and its rationale. Transcript at link.


With Matt Galloway on CBC Radio 1's Metro Morning program about D/deaf accessibility in Toronto cinemas

Click on the mp3 link: CBC Metro Morning DEAF CINEMA ACCESS FEB 23-2018

Click on one of the following transcript versions:

.doc file CBC Metro Morning Feb 23 2018 interview How accessible are Toronto movie theatres for deaf people

.pdf file CBC Metro Morning Feb 23 2018 interview How accessible are Toronto movie theatres for deaf people

Middle-aged woman dressed in black and wearing a button with the CC icon standing inf front of a radio studio door with the lable Studio 430.
CBC Toronto, February 23, 2018.







My interview at Mohawk College's Accessible Media Production course about the need for captions is available on YouTube. Transcript here



Caption Editing Courses

The syllabus for an introductory course and an advanced follow-up is now available to be taught in post-secondary programs in film, TV, and media production, particularly those offering an accessibility stream.

Please contact me for a meeting to discuss how these courses will give students the specialized skills that they'll need (beyond facility with captioning/subtitling software) to adhere to the standards being legislated for accessibility.

Author at Mohawk College, Accessible Media Program, shown in front of a screen with her logo for Reel Words projected, with the slogan No More Craptions!, and Vanessa Wells, Editor at the bottom. Black and white photo with screen at left, Vanessa at right, gesturing while speaking.


Got creative film students or reticent corporate folks balking at adding subtitles or captions to visuals?

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