Scene from Breaking Bad; woman recoiling from obscured individual, holding a baby protectively. Closed caption aption says "Stealing intensifies."

Facilitating Viewer Immersion

I make your viewers forget they're reading onscreen so they get caught up in the story. I take subtitled or captioned text and perfect the titles, fixing errors in regional spelling, idioms, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and visual style.


"Thanks so much again for all your help again last night—you're a true lifesaver. You made my client happy as well... I accepted your changes [in Track Changes] and was impressed that you even listened to the [foreign language] audio... I'm impressed with your language skills." Subtitler/translator, UK.
"I have found Vanessa to be an invaluable help when proofreading my 
subtitles. No matter how careful you are, it is always difficult to 
notice your own mistakes or the ways in which the readability of the 
text can be improved even by slightly changing the punctuation. In the 
past, I have found some copy editors to be somewhat patronising when 
suggesting edits, but not Vanessa—she has displayed the utmost 
professionalism when editing my files and all of her suggestions have 
been welcomed. It's a pleasure to read her clearly communicated and 
friendly thoughts on improvements. I would not hesitate to work with 
Vanessa again in the future and, in fact, am already looking forward to 
our next collaboration." Subtitler, UK.

Idiomatic Editing

Did you know there are different types of "English"? Expressions are a very obvious indicator of a film's setting, both in time and place. One slip-up in usage and it goes viral on the internet. Make sure the idioms used in the dialogue and other renderings are correct.

Copy Editing

Editing isn't about putting a red pencil to your work: it's about creating seamless communication that will have viewers glued to the story, not trying to figure out what was meant in a subtitle or caption. The goal is to facilitate viewer immersion.


Typos, repetitions, omissions, and other errors cause viewers to stumble in their movie journey: the brain tries to correct a problem for better understanding, and by then the audience has lost track of what's happening. A fresh pair of eyes will catch those little trip-ups pre-release.


Netflix pays its Master Quality Control Preferred Vendors US$7–22 per run-time minute. I guarantee rates below that. Please see the Rates and Other FAQs tab for more information.

Free Estimates

Send me your subtitle or caption file. I'll have a look at no charge and advise you how I can make it flawless.


If you're a fellow member of SUBTLE Subtitlers' Association, reach out to me when you have a phrase or two you'd like to consult about (e.g. for regional idioms or spellings). I'd be happy to consult for free. If you have an entire file you'd like double-checked, we'll work out a nominal rate.

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